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Children at the dog park
Published on September 2, 2006 By 66213 In Dogs
Why do parents feel that they can come to the dog park with their dogs yet without their brains?

Can someone please tell me what goes through someone’s mind when they bring a toddler to the dog park? Just from a sanitary perspective why would anyone in the industrialized world allow an infant or toddler to come in contact with canine fecal matter? Let’s face it, even if everyone picked up their dogs poop there would always be residual poop lying around. If you pick up and throw a dog toy and then hand Junior a juice box... I don’t like thinking about that one.

If half the dogs in the park were larger than my child, I would not bring my kid in the park. Herding dogs will herd screaming running children, and running dogs can easily knock a child down by accident. The most responsible parents send their dog into the enclosure and stand outside with Junior watching from the safe side of the fence.

Accidents do happen, so one has to ask the question why take the risk? Isn’t your child the most precious thing in the world? The most common scenario is a parent who is so obsessed with the socialization of their dog that they begin to take their eye off their child who is running around sticking their fingers in the faces of dogs who may or may not like children. When kids are running and screaming through the park swinging sticks or dog leashes I make sure that my dogs are no where near this child. I don’t want to be responsible for the mauling of some uncontrollable child who falls on my 12 year old dog, while swinging a tree branch. I kid you not! So many times I want to call children and family services. Turning your back on a child in the dog park is no different than turning your back on a child by a swimming pool.

I am fascinated by the idiots who push strollers through the fields of dog poop. Do the stroller wheels get sanitized before they are placed in the car or in the house? As baby’s juicy looking legs dangle down in front of the stroller, I can visualize a dog watching drumsticks dangling from the cart resembling a vacuum cleaner in the distance. My visualization has to stop there for fear of what happens next.

A couple of weeks ago a grandparent who regularly brings his dog to the park who is a fairly responsible dog owner, brings his wife, daughter, grandchild and dog into the dog run. As he steps into the dog run with his family he proudly states, “My grandchild is afraid of dogs.” Huh? What was he thinking? Was he trying to be cute? The damage done to that child that morning will take a life time of therapy to undo.

Can someone please explain why bother to take the risk? Small children do not belong in the dog park!

on Sep 03, 2006
Well said. Hopefully those comments will awaken the consciousness of parents & also make dog owners aware of situations that can put their dogs in an unfairly challenging situation.
on Sep 03, 2006
My neighbor lets his dog shit in my yard.

Irresponsible pet owners make the WORLD a filthy dog park.
on Sep 03, 2006
Perhaps they're shopping for a lawsuit at their child's expense?

Reply #2
My neighbor lets his dog shit in my yard.

Irresponsible pet owners make the WORLD a filthy dog park.

I had a neighbor who was doing that while I was on the road. The last time I was home I caught them. It was the old guy who lives across the street from me. I made him pick up all the shit from my yard and warned him if I ever found dog shit in my yard again, regardless of what dog it came from, I'd have his tired old ass booted out of the neighborhood. That's one of the rules here and can get you booted out of here. I despise people like that. No respect at all from those asshats.
on Sep 06, 2006
as a proud parent of 2,,i can report this...

my wife and i took the approach that our parents did when raising us. i didn't grow up in a politically correct "helmeted and padded" sanitary world. i grew up in the world with big metal swingsets on asphalt lots and a world without antibacterial soap.

like most boys, i found my share of dirt, filth and so forth. so have my boys. our approach has been to let our boys be boys as well. and so far, it has served us well. we aren't paranoid about our kids accidentally touching some politically incorrect piece of filth. we have pets (dogs and cats) and both boys at some point have "wandered into the crap" or played with a piece of litter and so forth...yeah, i know,,,it's gross...but the old saying, what doesn't kill someone only makes em stronger seems to be accurate. my boys are healthy and wise. many of our friends have taken different approaches. one of our friends is so "germ paranoid" that i can litterally cause a hissy fit if i give her child a dollar bill. she claims her kids will surely get ecoli from touching the filthy money. her kids are constantly runny nosed and fragile. my kids are robust and strong. i'm not saying this "proves" anything,,,but i like what i see.

what does go closer to proving my "let kids be kids" philosophy are some recent studies which back up the hypothesis that whe nkids are exposed to germs, dust, carcinogens and such as they naturally occur on earth, their immune systems are better for it.

so while a kid around a lil dog poop might scare some,,,i see it as an opportunity to a) get one's child more comfotable around unfamiliar pets and properly develop ones immune system so such minor germs won't be the causes of major health issues later.

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