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Dog owners with issues.
Published on September 3, 2006 By 66213 In Dogs
Yes it is most annoying when dog owners do not pick up dog poop. Responsible pet owners pick up after their dogs, even at the dog park when their canine buddy squats with in sight. The worst offenders are people who do not pick up after their dogs when their dog takes a dump by or in the parking lot. I guess it won’t matter to them until they step into a pile when they are getting out of their car one day. I grew up in NYC and you can get a ticket of you do not pick up after your dog. Can’t say I have seen anyone in Overland Park, Kansas get a ticket for not picking up after their dog.

More toddlers today, two in papoose type baby holders. When the dogs play rough people get knocked down, one guy had to have knee surgery from going down the wrong way after being knocked down by dogs having a chase. Unless the papoose has reinforcement like a foot ball helmet or goalie mask, it won’t save Junior from getting squashed by mom or dad when they fall. Today’s average dog weight was at least 85 pounds. 85 pounds traveling at 35 MPH towards a human carrying a baby – not a pretty picture!

A newbie wearing a Bluetooth ear piece came strutting in to the dog run today. Her Golden Retriever came in like gang busters and started to chase other dogs. Soon her Golden was mounted by another dog. Ms. Bluetooth started screaming as if her dog was being attacked. “Call your dog! Get your dog off my dog! Get your dog off my dog! Whose dog is this?” We just ignored her. The dogs were not fighting and her dog was not adverse to the encounter. Usually when a dog does not want to have an encounter there is growling and maybe some nipping. The dogs finally stopped and then her Golden started to play chase with the dog that had mounted her. Ms Bluetooth states, “My dog goes to play group and that kind of thing is not allowed!” As I stood with other dog owners, we shook out heads wondering if she were for real. Maybe she watches from a web cam to see that her Fido is not humping or being humped by another dog? Maybe she watches Fido at playgroup from a webcam all day? Most of us just ignored her and one dog owner said “Hey that’s what dogs do!” “Oh no not my dog!” she stated indignantly. I could not hear what Ms. Bluetooth said after that but it caused the other dog owner to scream, “Well maybe you and your dog should not even be here!” With that Ms. Bluetooth walked away from the group of dog owners, even though Fido was just as happy as could be playing tag with other dogs. She screamed at the dog to follow her as she headed away from the dogs and their owners who were congregated in the southern portion of the dog run.

There is a woman who comes to the dog park daily. She is self employed so her appearance at the park with her two dogs can vary. She is a petite woman not even 5'. Both of her dogs are in the 80+ pound weight category. She likes to tell everyone that her dogs have been formally trained. Not sure what she means by that. Based upon behavior, one of them might have been trained as an attack dog. One of her dogs seems to get into regular scuffles with raised lips, growling and biting. Because they have supposedly been trained she walks towards the fighting dogs with a sense of arrogance and acts like she can get in there and pull the fighting dogs apart. Luckily the other dog involved usually backs down; when it realize that her dog is really hearing voices and should be medicated. Then she will turn to the other dog owner and say, “Has your dog had any formal obedience training?” The other owner is usually taken aback, as he or she is busy inspecting their dog for any bites or cuts delivered by her beloved Beelzebub. She is one of those people who will not look in the mirror. One of her dogs is a habitual bully and if Beelzebub does not get some professional help, she will be asked to leave her at home.

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